Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Start of a Taboo Mind

The Beginning

At the younge age of seventeen I was deeply in love with a girl, but its not the kind of girl that wanted to settle down ( tho I didn't know this ). See I've always had the tradional point of view on relationships, one boy, one girl, make love, be in love, be happy, get married. But that changed rather fast in less then one year. 

See I was new to sex and all of its joys, to bluntly explain it I was a virgin tho she wasn't, she was very skilled in many things when it came to sex. As the relationship went on I was due to a lack of words sprung hard on this girl, I couldn't of thought of a life without her, every waking moment I wanted to be with her, around her and to make love with her. She taught me the correct way to please a woman, orally, sexually and just about every other manner possible.  I was her king and she my queen or so I thought.

What I didn't know is that she was a "fun" girl, she was going out with other guys and having sexual relations with them, in the end it was around six or so other men she had slept with.  She didn't tell me about any of them and I didn't know till one night her cell phone ghost dialed my phone, what I heard tore me in half.  It was the sound of her and another man doing nothing more then what I desired so much of this woman. This started an every changing, growing, curious thought in my mind.

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